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Babe in the Woods

An action-comedy about a female freshman from the Midwest who arrives at Yale and becomes a target of the New Jersey mob.

The Anderson Tapes

Remake of the 1971 high-tech heist thriller "The Anderson Tapes", which starred Sean Connery, Christopher Walken and Dyan Cannon. The story centers on a career thief paroled from prison who resides in a posh apartment building with his girlfriend. With financing from the mob, the thief plans to rob the building, unaware that his every move is being recorded by law enforcement officials hoping to take down the crime kingpins.

The Long Good Friday

Set in Miami, a crime boss meets his match and his world crumbes over an Easter weekend, when his buildings are bombed and his men are murdered. He thinks it is the work of his rivals but discovers it's an even deadlier threat.