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Frankie Machine

A Mafia hit man gives up the "game" to become the owner of a bait shop. When he finds out that he's been targeted for a hit, he gets back in the business.


Two police detectives heading a plainclothes division try to solve a series of armored car robberies with a promotion going to whoever catches the perpetrators.

White Jazz

George Clooney will play a dirty LAPD vice squad lieutenant whose mastery at skirting the rules gets tested when he's set up by his crooked bosses to be the fall guy for a murder.

Staying Afloat

An ex-street hustler redeems himself and spreads hope by starting a construction project in the ghetto after he sees signs from a higher power.
Location: US - Michigan

The Fifth Mafia

The story concerns the son (Balfour) of a murdered Madfioso. He seeks revenge for the death at the hands of his uncle (Assante).

Marching Powder

A British drug trafficker is arrested in Bolivia and jailed in La Paz's San Pedro prison. During his six-year stretch, the man serves as a tour guide in a prison that thrives under a capitalist system made possible by bribery of officials.

Five Against the Bullet

A Mexican politician who, after his father is killed by a drug cartel, hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to protect him through a contentious election.

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter follows a highly trained spy whose job it is to eliminate rogue agents when they become liabilities to their governments. He travels in the G-6155 Interceptor, a sports car tricked out with an array of weapons that frequently is challenged by enemy vehicles.

Hell's Angels

A story showcasing the lifestyle of the notorious motorcycle club, The Hell's Angels. Revolves around a friendship that develops between gang leader Sonny Barger and a young drifter mechanic with a gift for fixing motorcycles.

The Killer's Game

An assassin takes out a contract on himself. When he decides he'd rather live, he must match his skills against the best hit men of the world.


Set in Los Angeles, the story will connect two events from May of 1974 - the unsolved murder of an LAPD cop and a shoot-out in South Central LA between the LAPD and the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Babe in the Woods

An action-comedy about a female freshman from the Midwest who arrives at Yale and becomes a target of the New Jersey mob.

By Any Means Necessary

The project centers on law enforcement turning to a jailed mobster to help prevent a possible terrorist attack.

Criminal Macabre

A supernatural detective doubles as hitman, taking out all the vampires, ghosts and other unsavory monsters who live among humans, hiding in the shadows by day and emerging at night.

L.A. Rex

An LAPD cop who becomes a mole investigating a crime against the head of the Mexican mafia. He and his partner soon become involved in web of corruption and retribution involving gang bangers, dirty cops and the mexican mob.


A network of mob criminals in places as diverse as Mumbai, Johannesburg and Eastern Europe operate illegal businesses ranging from drug smuggling to human trafficking, in operations that equal roughly one-fifth of the world's economy.


A career thief, after leaving prison, finds out that his wife has left him and then decides to return to crime with a planned jewelry store heist.

Silver or Lead

As head of the Medellin drug cartel, Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar amasses billions in ill-gotten gains and is responsible for numerous murders and even escapes a high-security prison. He becomes an enemy of the U.S. and Colombian governments, though because of philanthropic efforts becomes a hero to many ordinary Colombians. He is killed in 1993 by a Colombian strike team after an elaborate manhunt.