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Grand Theft Auto

Facing foreclosure on his repoyard, a young ex-con resumes a life of crime only to get blamed when his uncle’s coke deal gets hijacked. Caught in double crosses between Russian Mafia, Yakuza, and the ATF, the young ex-con kidnaps a crime boss’s daughter and steals car after car on a Vegas bound suicide mission to retrieve the stolen drugs.

Grandma vs. Grandma

Two grandmothers with very different styles of child-rearing babysit their grandkids for a month and compete for their affections.

Greenglass House

A 12-year-old innkeeper's adopted son Milo realizes that guests checking into his father’s inn all have a connection to the house. Mysteries ensue.


Goblins, a subspecies of faery, are maleficent creatures who cause all manner of havoc in the human realm. The fruit of their labor, however, turns out to be a rotten apple.


Focuses on the realm of the Genies and reveals how Aladdin's Genie ends up enslaved in the lamp.

God of War

In ancient Greece, the Spartan warrior Kratos tackles mythological beasts including Medusa, Cyclops and the Hydra on his quest to find Pandora's Box and destroy Ares, the god of war.

Guys Night

The story follows four middle-aged guys trapped in mediocre relationships, jobs and lives who hear about an island off the coast of New Jersey where they can indulge their desperate desires for women and beer. When they head off in search of it, everything goes very wrong.

Good Bad & Undead

Van Helsing, last in a long line of vampire hunters, develops an uneasy partnership with a Vampire who has taken a vow never to kill again. Together they run a scam from town to town, where Van Helsing pretends to vanquish the Vampire for money. But when a massive bounty is put on the Vampire's head, everything in this dangerous world full of monsters and magic is now after them.

Green Lantern Corps

The film will feature Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart, one of DC's most prominent African-American heroes.


Set in a warring age, a power-hungry nation uses microchip-implanted human pilots to "puppeteer" 100-foot-tall mecha robots called "Windups." A rag-tag group of renegades known as Gearbreakers, led by a young heroine, looks to infiltrate the Windups and take the bionic nightmares apart from the inside out in the name of freedom.

Gullible's Travels

The world's most gullible man is traveling through time on a port-a-potty in order to save the woman he loves. While on his quest, he runs into the woman in the past and the future but believes he's meeting relatives of the woman rather that the woman herself.

Garbage Pail Kids

Revolves around a hapless gang of malformed misfit kids including Adam Bomb, Bony Tony, Nasty Nick, Potty Scotty and hundreds more.