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31 Days of Larry

A man who wants to die and a woman who is in financial crisis agree to a 31-day marriage so that she can benefit from the life insurance when he dies.

33 Days

About Pablo Picasso's emotional turmoil as he worked on masterpiece Guernica.


Two police detectives heading a plainclothes division try to solve a series of armored car robberies with a promotion going to whoever catches the perpetrators.

36th Precinct

Set in New York, rival cops ruthlessly seek a coveted promotion and blur the lines between the police and the criminals they’re supposed to catch in the process.


Hopeful millennials seek their true potential while surviving the extreme violence of inner-city Chicago, the 3-1-2.

31 Tailgates

Brothers Nate and Aaron Thompson along with friend Nolan Meyers, set out to fulfill a lifelong dream to visit all 31 NFL stadiums in one season as a tribute to their friend Joe Lusk, who was killed in Kuwait in 2005.

32 Candles

An ugly duckling from a Mississippi town escapes to Los Angeles and reinvents herself as a beautiful lounge singer. When she runs into her high school crush, he is unaware of her true identity and finds himself as in love with her as she once was with him.


A guy is normal 364 days a year -- and one day he has superhuman powers.