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The Deep Blue Good-by

Travis McGee, a free-living bachelor and reluctant hero who lives on a houseboat in Florida, works as a "salvage consultant," recovering property and money for clients and taking half the fee in return. McGee takes on tracking down a treasure that a solider escaped with and hid after World War II.

The Caves of Steel

Set a 1000 years in the future, giant city complexes are necessary because Earth is so overpopulated. While robots are used for labor in outlying "spacer worlds" where the rich live on spacious parcels, the robots are outlawed on earth.

Tapping The Source

Ike Taylor, a young outsider, ventures into a dangerous California surfing community to solve the mystery of his missing sister. His search takes him on a journey through a twisted world of crazed Vietnam vets, sadistic surfers, drug dealers, and mysterious seducers. And if he's not careful, it will be a journey from which he will never return.

The Hardy Men

The story will see the sleuths (and brothers) grown up but not speaking to each other. They have been estranged for years but are foced to reunite to solve a mystery.

The Truth About the Har...

A young novelist heads to New Hampshire to solve a 33-year-old murder — with his former college professor and mentor being accused of the killing.

The Clock Without A Face

A pursuit takes place for the jeweled numerals stolen off a legendary ancient clock which legend has it gives the possessor the ability to control time.

The Dark Half

An author's books sell OK and have a literary vibe to them. They don't sell nearly as well as the grisly crime thrillers he writes under an alter ego. Once his pseudonym is exposed, the author and his wife decide to give the other author a ceremonial burial. And then the people who were involved in doing that start turning up dead as it appears the alter ago has taken on a life of his own.

The Killer Next Door

Six neighbors are forced into an unlikely alliance without realizing that one of them is a killer who will do anything to protect his secret.

The Mirror Thief

Interweaving narratives follow three driven men all connected by a mysterious book. The setting shifts from 16th century Venice, Italy— where famed glassmakers perfected one of the world’s most wondrous inventions, the mirror (an object of fearful fascination)— to the seedy Venice Beach waterfront of the 1950s, to the glitzy trappings of the Venetian casino in 2003 Las Vegas.

The New Winter

A runaway woman, trying to escape her past, pretends to be a girl abducted from a small town 10 years before. The girl's family takes her in until she slowly starts to uncover the mysterious circumstances and family secrets that actually lead to their daughter’s disappearance.

The Magician's Lie

A famous female illusionist named Ada is suspected of killing her husband after the dead body of a man is found inside of one of her stage props. A young police officer, Virgil Fecht, manages to track down the female magician and take her into his custody. Over the course of one night, Ada must recount her life story in order to prove her innocence.

The Mechanic

Set in Boston, an enigmatic card shark searches for an easy score. An ex-con has an inside track on a priceless haul of stolen art. And a professor uncovers a secret that could change the world. They unwittingly find themselves entangled in a mystery as old as the country itself — a mystery that someone is willing to kill for.