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Art of the Steal

Story centers on a con man who plans and executes a series of elaborate heists, all while leading a double life as an upstanding citizen.

Brodie's Law

Story centers on antihero Jack Brodie, London's East End gangster, expert thief and professional killer, who gains the ability to steal his victims' souls and take on their appearance, memories and feelings.

Action No. 1

A group of nerds attempt to steal Nicolas Cage's copy of the "Action Comics No. 1," the landmark 1938 comic that introduced the world to the Man of Steel/Superman. The issue stays missing until 2011, when it is discovered among the contents of an abandoned storage locker. The issue sells for a record $2.1 million at auction in November 2011.


The storyline is being kept under wraps. The project came out of a desire by Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana to do a movie together.

The Leonardo Job

Two rival master thieves are hired to go to Florence to track down the lost mythical painting "The Battle of Anghiari" by Leonardo da Vinci. These experts use high tech and old tricks to prove the painting exists and pinpoint its hidden location behind another masterpiece.

6 Bullets From Now

A man's life spirals out of control as he masterminds the perfect heist of the hotel vault. The plan is for gunmen to steal millions in cash and jewels from the hotel.
Location: US - New York

Hail to the Thief

The story is loosely based on three similar bank robberies that happened on the same night Bush and Democratic opponent Kerry hosted dueling campaign parties in August 2004.

This new fictional caper weaves in elements of political satire as it follows one novice criminal's quest to outfox an overwhelmed Iowan police force and rob several banks with his equally amateurish friends.

Money to Burn

A judge robs the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago of $100 million in used money that is about to be destroyed.

Paper Trail

An ambitious assistant editor for a top publisher finds a manuscript from prison claiming to tell the true story behind a major unsolved diamond heist, which he sees as his ticket to the top. He and his girlfriend soon find themselves pawns in a criminal mastermind's much larger, more dangerous game.


A career thief, after leaving prison, finds out that his wife has left him and then decides to return to crime with a planned jewelry store heist.


Speedy Gonzales, a misunderstood boy who is also the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he's a little too fast for what they do. He makes a mess of everything, so he has to go out in the world to find what he's good at. Speedy's path in life becomes clearer once he befriends a gun-shy race-car driver.

The Doberman Gang

A pack of Doberman pinschers are trained by a small-time crook to pull off the perfect bank robbery only to see the dogs become crime-fighting heroes.

The Secret of the Temple

A fight ensues over treasure vaults worth $20 billion, which are hidden beneath a supposedly cursed temple in the jungles of India. A bunch of thieves, radicals and the royal family that guards the temple all try to get at the loot.

The Yank

A mild mannered insurance courier gets caught up in a conspiracy to steal the Crown Jewels in London.

Untitled Peter Morgan H...

A character-driven story is set in America and features two strong male leads in the vein of Heat and The Departed.

iNumber Number

After he's cheated from a major promotion, an honest undercover officer crosses over from cop to robber in order to orchestrate a major heist that he hopes will be a one-way ticket to easy street. Things go awry when the gang discovers his true identity and take his partner hostage.