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The Absolutely True Dia...

A teen named Junior, a budding cartoonist, grows up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Determined to take his future into his own hands, he leaves his troubled school on the reservation to attend an all-white farm town high school where the only other Indian is the school mascot.

Sour Hearts

Unfolds from the perspective of a girl growing up in the outer boroughs of New York in the ’90s. With parents newly arrived from Shanghai, the family works through the unique trials of ascending to the middle class.

Be Here Now

A group of young people at a music festival have chance encounters which change their lives forever. A young photo-blogger must navigate the festival's glitterati in order to gain access to the exclusive backstage area and ultimately make it as an artist.

Catherine, Called Birdy

Set in 1290, a 12-year-old girl tries to shoo away potential suitors after her father deems her ready for the altar.

Paved New World

Two teens, who have just graduated from high school, are heading off in different directions in life. Before they can embark on their new journeys, they take their boards on a final trek across town to witness a hometown skateboarding hero attempt to skate an "unskateable" mountain on his skateboard, as his last attempt to prove he is still the idol he once was.


Jonah, a silver tongued and overweight kid with low self-esteem, meets Hana, a Japanese female janitor at his school – and an ex Sumo wrestler. Along with a pedantic and friendless building manager, the unlikely trio set about building a Dohjo, and training for the US Sumo Open.

Untitled Damon Beesley ...

After high school graduation, four teenage friends travel for holiday to the Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.


A coming-of-age film with themes of marriage, divorce and parenting through the lens of adolescence.

My Life On The Road

Feminist, journalist and activist Gloria Steinem becomes a galvanizing symbol for equality via surprising encounters along the road that help shape her.

Conversations With Andy

Set in 1984 New York, a sixth-grader befriends artist Andy Warhol at the same time that he learns his parents are discussing divorce. With the artist's guidance, as well as the help of his older sister and best friend, the boy hatches a plan to throw his parents an anniversary party in hopes of keeping them together.


A tenacious teen girl is raised in the patriarchy of wealthy India in the 1990s. She defies an arranged marriage and leaves her family and its fortunes behind, in pursuit of a life and love of her own in America.