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What I Loved

Historian Leo Hertzberg become friends with artist Bill Wechsler when he buys a huge portrait of Bill's model Violet, and the two are inseparable ever after. Leo's wife Erica and Bill's wife, Lucille, give birth to sons in the same year and, soon afterward, the Wechslers buy a loft in the same SoHo building. When the boys are four, Bill and Lucille are divorced, and Bill marries his model/second wife Violet. Linked by their love of art and language, the two couples talk insatiably about art and life, celebrating triumphs and weathering tragedy together. Bill and Lucille's son, Mark, a dangerously charming boy, grows up and slips into a sinister New York club scene.

We Love You

Two close friends discover they're dating the same woman and when they try to disentangle the situation relationship consequences ensue.

Wonderful Tonight

A confirmed bachelor and a young woman's one-nighter leads to an unplanned pregnancy and a surprising love affair.

Wrong Number

A wife dealing with the loss of her father "meets" stranger on a wrong number phone call at a pivotal moment in both their lives. They strike up an unlikely friendship, which turns romantic, revealing the gray areas and often mixed signals in intimate friendships amongst men and women.