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Hello, Goodbye and Ever...

After making a pact that they would break up before college, Clare and Aidan find themselves retracing the steps of their relationship on their last evening as a couple. The epic date leads them to familiar landmarks, unexpected places, and causes them to question whether high school love is meant to last.

Hana Khan Carries On

Hana's family owns a Halal restaurant called Three Sisters in the Golden Crescent neighborhood of Toronto, and its business is threatened when a more commercial, fusion-based eatery moves in down the street. The catch is that Hana and the owner of the other restaurant, Aydin, have an instant romantic connection.

Hello Darkness

The story centers on an American writer in Paris who embarks on an affair with an elegant and mysterious widow and who might have something to do with the murders that start taking place around him.

How to Fall in Love wit...

In a 1997 SUNY Stony Brook study, psychologist Arthur Aron explores whether intimacy between two perfect strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other 36 personal questions.

Here Comes the Sun

A high concept romantic comedy, about a young woman who falls hard for a fifty’ish publishing executive… only to fall even harder for his son when the two meet.