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Everybody over the age of 19 turns into a walking corpse/zombie which leaves a civilized world to be run by kids.

Killing It

A group of underachieving Atlanta-based friends are taking part in Spelman College’s SpelHouse homecoming event, 10 years after they dropped out of the prestigious HBCU women’s school. Things get overrun with zombies.

Train to Busan

The original 2016 movie is set during a zombie virus outbreak in South Korea and focuses on the struggle of a group of passengers on a train bound for Busan from Seoul.

Zombie Prom

A high school bad boy falls into a nuclear reactor and comes back as a zombie.

Office Uprising

Inside one of the world's leading arms manufacturers, the board of directors drugs its employees to make them work more efficiently. Due to a slacker's error, the employees are given the wrong drug and start turning into homicidal maniacs. It's up to the slacker to rescue himself and his friends from the zombie plague that has been unleashed inside the company compound.