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Beneath A Scarlet Sky

Pino Lella is a normal Italian teenager living an idyllic life in Italy, until bombs begin falling on Milan and word of Nazi atrocities begin to circulate. Lello joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, guiding hundreds of Jews to safety in a year. On his 18th birthday, Lella is forced to enlist with the German Army, and is immediately assigned as a personal driver to Adolf Hitler's left hand, General Hans Leyers. This fly on the wall in the upper echelons of the Third Reich positions him to be recruited by the Allies as a spy.

Burial Rites

A young woman is accused of murder in Iceland in 1829 and faces becoming the last woman to be publicly executed in the country. The film will tell the story of a tragic romance set against the odds during an endless Icelandic summer.

Blood on Snow

A hitman is asked to kill by his boss the man’s wife. Trouble is, the hitman falls in love with her and things get messy from there.

Bye Bye Birdie

"Bye Bye Birdie" centers on Conrad Birdie, an Elvis Presley-type rock 'n' roll star who is drafted into the Army, much to the horror of his broke agent, Albert Peterson. In an attempt to get some publicity to get rich and marry his sweetheart, Rose, Albert makes arrangements for Conrad to appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show," where he will give his last kiss as a civilian to a girl. The lucky recipient, Kim, is selected from Conrad's fan club, and the group sets out to Sweet Apple, Ohio, to meet her, much to the dismay of Kim's new boyfriend, Hugo. Relationships begin to unravel as Rose gets impatient with Albert, and the jealous Hugo knocks Conrad out cold during the televised kiss.


In 1162, Thomas Becket is appointed by his friend Henry II as Archbishop of Canterbury then ultimately sides with the church against the crown.

Button Man

Harry Exton was a hired gun, a soldier of fortune, but that was before he was offered the chance to earn even more money by taking part in "The Game". Bored millionaires each hire a "Button Man" and set these trained killers against each other in a fight to the death. Vast sums of money are bet between the names as to who would win each contest. But when Harry decides to quit the game, he finds the only way out is death. Trouble is, nobody bothered to tell Harry exactly whose death they meant.

Beautiful Ruins

In an Italian seaside village in 1962, a charming young man runs a hotel with no guests, until one day an American starlet, fresh from the set of Cleopatra, appears and captures his heart. Five decades later in Hollywood, a jaded assistant to a powerhouse producer gets caught up in the magic of his story, and takes it upon herself to find a happy ending.

Bitcoin Billionaires: A...

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss do the impossible: they catch lightning in a bottle a second time and mount the greatest comeback in the history of business through Bitcoin currency. After struggling to be accepted as venture capitalists in Silicon Valley after their battle with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook, they discover the seductive and dangerous world of Bitcoin in Ibiza. The twin brothers risk everything and eventually become the world's first Bitcoin billionaires.


Centers on Will Matlock (Caviezel), a top MI5 operative whose routine investigation of a global corporation leads him to discover an imminent terrorist attack. Jackson will play Julian Lezard, the businessman who engages him in a high-stakes game of wits and deception.

Buster Keaton

A biopic of filmmaker and comedian Buster Keaton. During his life, Keaton writes, directs, performs, and edits dozens of features and shorts, including his masterpiece, "The General."

Beast of Bataan

Set in the aftermath of the 1942 Bataan Death March, in which 10,000 American and Filipino POWs died on a forced march to captivity, a young lawyer tries his first cas and fights against the death penalty for his client, who is being tried for war crimes by U.S. General Douglas MacArthur.

Billion Dollar Whale

Recounts Malaysia's 1MDB money-laundering scandal, which encompasses elite wealth, banking, Hollywood and politics.

Bride of Frankenstein

A young woman attending college is haunted by someone else's memories, and she gradually discovers that she died and was then unnaturally brought back to life.

Beautiful Jim Key

The story centers on the showman Dr. William Key and his performing horse, Beautiful Jim Key. His promoters claimed the horse could read, write and do math. Key, a former slave, was relegated to carnivals so he recruited a one-time promoter for P.T. Barnum to be his front man — leading to the horse becoming a national sensation at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition.

Beyond Control

Six months after her engagement, Victoria Bradford is on the run from her angry, abusive ex-fiancé with her four-year-old daughter and nowhere to go. She is reluctantly taken in at Iron River Ranch by new owner Josh Cain, who served in Afghanistan. After "accidents" start happening around the ranch, Josh knows his nights are going to be anything but quiet. And that's one possibility no amount of training can prepare him for.

Bitter Root

Set in 1924 during the Harlem Renaissance and follows the Sangeryes, a family of once-great monster hunters, who face an evil that descends upon New York.

Bag Man

Spiro T. Agnew, Nixon's vice president, runs a bribery and extortion ring in office for years. At the height of Watergate, three young federal prosecutors discover his crimes and launch a mission to take him down.