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Rules of Civility

Set in New York City in 1938, a 25-year old named Katey Kontent attempts to rise above the Wall Street secretarial pool into the upper echelons of New York society at the end of the Depression. As much as anything, her challenge is to not lose herself in the romance in Gotham’s high society.


A female assassin bent on revenge hunts down those responsible for killing her family.

Doris Payne

Story follows the jewel thief, who has reportedly committed countless robberies and whose criminal career has spanned six decades.

Point Break: Indo

The original "Point Break", released in 1991, starred Keanu Reeves, as an FBI agent who infiltrated a gang of surfer bank robbers. The sequel will take place 20 years after the disappearance of one of the criminal surfers (Patrick Swayze). Details about the plot and whether or not any of the original cast will return have not been disclosed.


Story of one of the most complicated military leaders-turned politicians in American history, Ulysses S. Grant.

The Second Life of Nick...

Career criminal Nick Mason is released from prison after serving only five of a 25 year sentence. He promptly moves into a tony condo on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, living with a beautiful roommate and driving a new car. The circumstances behind Mason's release soon become clear. He made a deal with an infamous Chicago crime lord, Darius Cole, who lived on the same cell block as Mason and used his clout to free Mason, only if the ex-con will pick up the crime lord's cell phone call and execute every thing asked of him, from robbery to murder to fixing any problem, no questions asked. Mason made this Faustian bargain so he could re-connect with his estranged daughter. Hounded by the cop who put him away in the first place, Mason must figure out how to get out from under.

31 Days of Larry

A man who wants to die and a woman who is in financial crisis agree to a 31-day marriage so that she can benefit from the life insurance when he dies.

All This Time

Former high school quarterback Kyle is left grief-stricken by the tragic loss of his girlfriend Kimberly following a car crash. He eventually begins a cautious romance with an intriguing, creative girl, Marley, who enters his orbit. As strange events begin to unfold around him, Kyle comes to realize that his life with Marley might not be all that it seems.

American Psycho

A reimagining of the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis that will be set in a present day Manhattan.

Bottle Girls

Set in the exclusive world of high-end nightlife, VIP bottle girls and hosts are an integral part of the club experience as well as social media influencers.


Set in an alternate history steampunk-themed version of the 1940s where World War II never ended, the world is divided into three blocs: the Allies, comprised of the US, the Commonwealth, and the French colonies. The Axis, not led by Hitler, who was successfully assassinated in Operation Valkerie; and the SSU, a union of the USSR and China. The discovery of new ore leads to the creation of combat robots.


After British forces defeat Italian forces in North Africa, Germany taps German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel to drive eastward along the North African coast to seize the Suez Canal. British forces are routed, and it comes down to a stand at El-Alamein. There, Britain's Eighth Army in North Africa, led by Bernard Montgomery, keeps the Germans bottled up and unable to overrun Egypt. After several long, bloody battles, and with assistance from Australian and New Zealand forces, the Allies win the day. Rommel signals Hitler that the cause is lost. He is not granted permission to retreat but begins withdrawing troops, leaving the Italians alone to be trounced by allied forces.

Romeo and Juliet: The War

Two groups of superhuman soldiers (Montagues and Capulets) have turned the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on earth. A young Montague boy and Capulet girl fall in love. They secretly plan to marry, hoping their union can be what brings peace between the warring factions.

The Sun Always Sets in ...

A drifter finds redemption with a hardscrabble frontier woman and her young daughter, only to see his dream of happiness jeopardized when brute mercenaries show up at his door.