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Hack Attack

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and its subsidiary, News International, make a habit of hacking into the voice mail messages of elected officials, celebrities, and even ordinary British citizens. A 2011 scandal leads to the shuttering of News of the World after 168 years of publication, and spurs a government inquiry that brings to light shocking business practices.

Agent Storm

After spending time in prison in London, Morten Storm converts to Islam and moves to Yemen in 2001 to study the Quran. There, he meets and works with extremists, but he eventually realizes how dangerous the groups are and is recruited to be a double agent for the CIA, as well as British and Danish intelligence.

Hunting El Chapo

A DEA official spearheads the manhunt for the elusive Mexican drug cartel leader El Chapo. Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman-Loeroa (El Chapo) evades capture for more than a decade before being caught and finally extradited to the U.S.

The Day Donny Herbert W...

Donny Herbert, a 34-year-old Buffalo, NY, firefighter, is trapped for six minutes without oxygen before he is rescued. Herbert survives but only in a non-responsive state. When doctors try a drug that normally is for attention deficit or Parkinson’s disease, he wakes up and he spends the day reuniting with his family. After 15 hours though, Herbert becomes unresponsive again, and dies a year later.

Endurance: My Year in S...

Scoff Kelly struggles as a C- student but then later trains as a Navy test pilot. His highly competitive nature drives both he and his identical twin brother, Mark, as they both become astronauts. Scott becomes a pioneering NASA astronaut by spending 340 days in space aboard the International Space Station. He retires in April 2016 with the record for the most days spent in space for an American with 382 days, which includes previous missions.