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Insidious 5

Set 10 years after the last installment, the film will pick up with the Lamberts as Dalton (Simpkins) begins college.

Summer Of Night

A series of hauntingly sinister events threaten a Midwestern town as a group of young teens unearths a centuries-old evil prophecy of biblical proportions.

Night Bazaar

A young couple find themselves penniless and trapped in a supernatural night bazaar and must barter their way to freedom.

The Anderson Tapes

Remake of the 1971 high-tech heist thriller "The Anderson Tapes", which starred Sean Connery, Christopher Walken and Dyan Cannon. The story centers on a career thief paroled from prison who resides in a posh apartment building with his girlfriend. With financing from the mob, the thief plans to rob the building, unaware that his every move is being recorded by law enforcement officials hoping to take down the crime kingpins.

Untitled Avery Cates Pr...

Set in a future where Earth is governed by a council, assassin Avery Cates is forced to kill the founder of a church that converts people by transplanting their brains into robotic bodies.