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The Long Walk

Set against the annual competition known as “The Long Walk,” where 100 teen boys must maintain a walking speed above four miles per hour. If they receive three warnings in an hour, they are shot dead.

The Dionaea House

A married man grows apart from his old friends, but when one of them commits a double-murder suicide, the men feel compelled to come together and investigate. Eventually, they stumble upon an evil force that perpetuates itself through tract housing.

The Ghostman

Follows Jack, one of the most successful armed robbers in the world whose persona has been neatly disguised through years of stagecraft. A casino heist gives him the chance to make a killing in cash - - or be killed in the process.

The Lions of Lucerne

Set on the ski slopes outside Park City, Utah, as terrorists kill 30 agents and kidnap the president, then publicly demand $500 million and privately insist that an anti-fossil fuel proposal in Congress be killed

The Man From Nowhere

A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug- and organ-trafficking ring to save the child who is his only friend.

The Pinkerton

Described as a supernatural revenge-western hybrid. The Pinkertons are a private security guard and detective agency established in the US by Scotsman Allan Pinkerton in 1850.

The Ice Beneath Her

An investigator and psychological profiler work to solve the case after a young woman is found beheaded in the home of a prominent businessman. The investigation quickly evolves into a race against time.

The Athena Project

An elite all-female Delta team made up of four agents try to stop a terror attack on American soil. After a terror attack in Rome kills 23 Americans, the agents are sent to hunt down the Venetian arms dealer who supplied the explosives. This leads to a much larger terrorist conspiracy.

The Factory

An obsessed cop is, with his partner, on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, N.Y. but when his teenage daughter disappears, he drops any professional restraint to get the killer.

Tragic Indifference

In the movie, based on a landmark liability case against Ford, Douglas will play attorney Tab Turner, who took Ford to court on behalf of a single mother from Texas who was paralyzed and nearly died after an accident. The trial exposed the automaker's indifference to flaws in its SUVs. Turner, who'd won most of his liability cases in confidential settlements, was pressed to seek a public courtroom forum by Donna Bailey, whose Ford Explorer flipped in 2000. Turner not only won a gigantic settlement for Bailey, he also got his client her real wish - Ford execs came to her bedside to apologize.

The Drowned World

Set during 2145, solar radiation has melted the ice caps. Jungles have overrun continental Europe, and London is for the most part left submerged under water. A biologist lives on the 35th floor of a high-rise, where only two floors sit above the water line. He battles a savage environment, primordial creatures that prowl the undergrowth and anarchists who rule the city and terrorize its inhabitants.

The Karma Coalition

The story centers on a falsely accused fugitive who embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind his wife's death before the world comes to an end.

The Infiltrator

The story centers on the campaign by British intelligence to undermine the Irish Republican Army by planting spies in top positions. Program helped the Brits negate much of the terrorist activity planned by the IRA, but at a high price.