Siegfried & Roy Biopic Still Moving Forward

Writer/director Michael Bully Herbig is in its final stages of writing the script and pre-production will begin after its completion.

Siegfried & Roy Biopic Still Moving Forward

The authorized biopic telling the life-story of Siegfried & Roy remains on schedule despite the recent passing of Roy Horn from complications of COVID-19. The story will cover their life together and how they influenced each other to achieve world-renowned success. Both Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher are executive producing the long-in-development film. 

Nico Hofmann and Sebastian Werninger on behalf of UFA Fiction, confirmed the script by award-winning writer/director Michael Bully Herbig is in its final stages and pre-production will begin after its completion. The project has been in development with Siegfried & Roy and UFA for more than two years. The biopic will be distributed as a feature film in theaters and expanded to a limited series for television.

"Roy and I worked closely with Nico and Bully to tell the story of our life together, on and off stage," said Siegfried Fischbacher. "This will be our personal and emotional journey that could only be told as we looked back over how the connection between us built our career and led to our achievements. Now that Roy is gone, this movie will be the ultimate tribute to the truly special person Roy was not just to me but to our audiences and fans."

UFA CEO Nico Hofmann has been personally involved in the film's creation and is also executive producing.

"Roy's death deeply affected me," said Hofmann. "Roy had so much power and an incredible energy. He only had one motto: 'Always live your dreams!' His strength and duration inspired us all – including just recently when we met in February with Michael Bully Herbig to further refine the vision for the film. This film will be our legacy for him. Together with Siegfried we will shoot the biopic – and Roy's spirit will guide us."

"Ever since I saw my first Siegfried & Roy show in the early nineties at The Mirage in Las Vegas, I was spellbound," said Michael Bully Herbig. "Telling the story of these two exceptional artists to a large audience makes me very happy and is proof that dreams do come true, like Roy used to say. I am very grateful for their trust."

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